onsdag 30 december 2015

What happened to my 2014 favorites? Part 2

Idag fortsätter förnedringen med att redogöra för vad som hänt med mina favoriter från förra året. Gårdagens lista slutade med enbart 28% var använda igen. Idag är det favoriter inom finishar och låt oss ta kolla vad som hände med dessa lack.

Resterande text blir som igår på engelska.

Today I will continue with the humiliation to explain what happened with my favorites from last year. Yesterday's list ended with only 28% being using again. Today is the favorites in differnet finishes and let's check out what happened to these polishes.


Powder Perfect With My High Heels On and guess what today we start with one that has been used again!


Powder Perfect Fog Is Rollin In and I don't think this has been used again. 


Essence Special Effect Topper A Night In Vegas has sadly not been used again. 


A-England Excalibur has been used in a number of nailarts. Yay to that!


Model City Bobbing For Apples is so pretty, but hasn't been used again. 


Girly Bits Seriously Sassy and again I'm feeling the shame creeping up because this hasn't been used. 


Superficially Colorful Lacquer The Sacred Tsaheylu another one that stands unused. 


Pipe Dream Polish V.I.P Pass and no this hasn't been used. 


Zoya India No, it's not used again. 

So this list turns out even worse that yesterdays becuase I have only used 22% of these polishes again. This is so not ok. I really need to step up and use these pretty polishes more. 

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