tisdag 1 november 2016

Nail Art Sunday 30/10 Summary

Det retar mig att jag missat massa dagar med bloggning och kommer förmodligen missa några till då jag har andra saker som tyvärr måste göras före, men jag vill tacka alla som var med och ge er andra en chans att se alla bidragen genom en liten lista på deltagarna.

It irritates me that I couldn't be a part of the Nail Art Sunday and that I probably wont have time to make as many posts as I want to here on the blog the coming week since I've been in bed for four days and my house is telling me to clean it instead of painting my nails. But I want to thank those who did participate and make a summary so that you all can see the manicures. 

My Nail Polish Online A perfect watermarble

Skimmerskuggan Cute pumpkins!

Nageldraken Black and gold is always right!

May Contain Traces Of Polish has a really cool thermal manicure.

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