söndag 10 januari 2016

My December Haul

Jo, December blev en rätt omfattande månad när det gäller nya lack. Jag hade en adventskalender som slutade med 18 lack tror jag. Min Secret Santa Bag dök upp och så även en Special Box från Color4Nails. Plus lite annat smått och gott.

December turned out to be a pretty good month when it came to nailpolishes. I had my Advent Calendar that ended up with 18 polishes (24 became a bit to expensive..). My Secret Santa Bag arrived and so did also a LE box from Color4Nails. Plus some other nice ones. 

Color4Nails Holiday Box 2015: Emily De Molly Gaze Into The Stars, Femme Fatale Strings Of Light, Powder Perfect Ghostlike Charm, Celestial Under Full Moon Light, Lilypad Lacquer Sandy Claws

Secret Santa Sack provided by WonderBeauty Products: Colores De Carol Vintage Lights, Superchic Lacquer Swan Of Adorned Darkness, Nailnation 3000 Cuticle Oil, Sweet Heart Polish All That Glitters, Reverie Nail Lacquer Moon In Sagittarius 

Darling Diva Polish: Groped Under The Mistletoe, Yes, It's A Fake Tree, A Christmas Story V2, Game Over, Man!

And from my Secret Santa in our Birthday Group on FB I got Appeal4 Baby Palm Tree & Glam Polish Yeah x3

The rest of the haul is from my Advent Calender all chosen by my husband and son: Cupcake Polish Maria, El Corazón 423/271, Dance Legend Katya, El Corazón 423/625 Mojito

China Glaze What She Dune?, Bow Nail Polish First Light, Dance Legend Rich Black 920 Broadway, China Glaze Getting To Gnaw You

A-England Crown Of Thistles, Cupcake Polish Dallas, A-England Jane Eyre, Liquid Sky Lacquer Dance The Night Away

Bow Nail Polish Quasar, El Corazón 423/262, A-England Camelot 

Glitter Gal Off Your Rocker, Lilypad Lacquer Fire Me Up, Emily De Molly Queen Of The Sea, Dance Legend Gerbera

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