fredag 19 december 2014

What happened with my 2013 favorites part 2

Jaha, då tar vi tag i del två av vad som hänt med mina favoriter från 2013. Har jag kvar dom och i så fall har jag använt dom igen?

Och som ni vet så fick jag idén till dom här inläggen från The Crumpet.

Resternade text blir på engelska precis som i det första inlägget.

So, let's see what happened to my 2013 favorite polishes part 2. Do I still have them and if so have I used them again?

And as I told you in part 1 of this post I got this idea from The Crumpet. 

My favorite Creme polish was Honk If you Love OPI from OPI and yes this has been used again more than once I actually think.

Orly Space Cadet was the Duo/Multichrome polish of my choice and can you belive it another polish that I used again!

My favorite flakie was Nfu Oh 60 and I'm a bit upset with myself that I have actually sold this. 

I love foils and this is Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn a great red polish that I have used only one time so far...

Frost is not a favorite finish and Ephemeral from Rainbow Honey.. Well, my mom actually got this bottle. So no I have not used it again, but my mother loves it!

So many glitters so little time.. I can't belive that this has stand unused since the time I took this picture. Franken Frosting It Has To Be Magic.

Favorite jelly is Angel Of Death from Delush a great polish but sadly unused by me. 

To choose favorite holo was hard but Cactus Boron won and this one has been used again. Just look at that color!

Favorite Neon was Sation Loudest Color and this has also been used again :)

Among the Glasfleck/Shimmer Zoya Valerie was the winner. And it is a stunning polish that stands crying in the drawer because it feels forgotten. So, no it has not been used. 

But I have to say that part two of this list felt a bit better than the first because of these polishes a big part actually had been used again. Good work Helena!

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  1. So much beauties! The Zoya is gorgeous and that Franken glitter, WOW!!

  2. Poor Valerie crying in your drawer! She's a beauty :)

  3. Kul att läsa! Förstår att du är upprörd över att du har sålt Nfu Oh flakesen, herregud jag blir upprörd över att läsa det och jag har mina i behåll:)


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