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12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Snow (English version) with a very special guest writer

Vill ni läsa inlägget på svenska går ni hit!

Todays theme is Snow (snowmen & snowflakes) and I have let a very special person be my guest writer for today. 

He has written one post before for me and it was a succes so here we go again. Please welcome my oldest son as todays reviewer of my snow manicure.




Interesting phenomenon, snow. We spend about eighty percent of the year wining about the rain, until it becomes sickening cold and uncomfortable out there, then suddenly rain is the most cozy thing we can think about and it happens way to little. "Oh, hope the snow will stay for Christmas" is a theoretical version of the same sentence as "Oh, hope it will flood at midsummer", yet we hear many more manifestations of the previous sentence than the latter.

So as a nailpolish blog veteran and expert on all cosmetics I will now review my mom's snow-manicure, waiting for the inevitable flood-manicure that must come in just over six months.

Here we see a clear example of how the fashion industry creating impossible ideals of beauty

The first thing that strikes me when I see the picture above is something like, "yeah, that's a reproduction of snow that I'm looking at" and it makes me deeply concerned. Here I sit and think a completely normal snowfall looks like the picture, with glimmering blue background and clearly divergent beautiful snowflakes, which will inevitably end up with me getting disappointed when I go out on a winter day and is met by this:

Hooray, on with the winterboots!

This can be likened to the fashion industry's eternal retouching of models who are often accused of giving an unfair picture of how people should look, and that's not good.

You could of course argue that snowflakes actually look something like in the first picture, just that they are very small so you do not have time to perceive this in the storm of beauty and Christmas spirit that was demonstrated in the previous picture, but on the other hand, I can not, for example take a picture of a small part of my pants and use it as proof of me having good taste in clothes.

Today's outfit, observe the daring, yet classy color combination of the shoes and t-shirt

But, yes, the polish, this is about (read: is starting to be about now) or the  manicure as a manicure of course. Helena has chosen a deep blue, kind of shimmering, polish as a basis, which works great for creating an enchanting scenery, if we drop the realism as a yardstick, that is to be perfectly honest, my favorite painter, a gentleman named Salvador Dahli, and two of my favorite movies Inception and Cabin in the woods. (Pause right now and see it, read on after that) so we might do better if we just drop the realism thing.

The theme for today's nail art was snow, and this is portrayed with snowflakes. Bravo.

The flakes are well made (as I am familiar with my mother's drawing precision, I suspect that they are stamped, but I did not see it happen) and as I mentioned earlier, you do see what she is trying to convey.

The resemblance is striking of the two pictures (In Sweden Cereals are the same word as flinga and that is what a snowflake is called as well)

For the snowflakes, she has chosen a white color. Very good.

I have not had it confirmed, but I guess she also utilize some kind of base coat and also top coat of some brands name whose name I probably would have forgotten even if she had told me.

An extra plus for the fact that all the flakes are unique and do not have to share the form with their traveling companions, it's actually realistic. I'm talking about both the upper and lower picture above.

In conclusion, I just want to wish a Merry Christmas to all my loyal readers, and since I didn't do the planned electro-interpretation of Jingle Bells, I was thinking about earlier in the month, I will instead give you a Christmas song as brilliant as it is terrible, of the probably most influential producer during the past nine years and a personal favorite of mine: Diplo

And by that I say thank you to my amazing, little bit crazy but just as the snowflakes unique son who teaches me not to take myself to seriuos!

If you want to see more Snow manicures visit Nailed It NZ

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  1. What a lot of snow LOL - watch out for the perma frost!!! :D
    I like your snow flake mani a lot!

  2. Här satt jag och hade en dålig dag. Sedan läste jag det här inlägget and turned my frown up side down. Som jag har skrattat alltså. Så tack för det och god jul!

  3. hehe Awesome manicure and entertaining read :) Too bad though that you face that form of snow. I have been fortunate enough to experience snow in those teeny tiny beautiful and "no two the same" shape! :)

  4. Hehe this just made my day, you and your son are awesome, and I'm hereby a subscriber to your blog! =D

  5. Your mom's nails are really pretty!


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